hunter trials
10 June Results as follows

Minimus Junior
1st Kaila Shannon Large
2nd crystal mist Melissa palmer
3rd call him clive leah mawson
4th attyrory jess elli lane
5th maesmynach dan yr odyn Rhiannon Luxmore

Senior minimus
1st destination unknown Lauren Clark
2nd Music Major Jasmin Stephens
3rd Barton Account Natalie vicary
4th Sal Sue Haughton
5th Teddy Charlie Gay
6th Celtic Warrior Mark James

Minimus Pairs
1st maesmynach dan yr odyn Rhiannon Luxmore and crystal mist Melissa palmer
2nd Dennis Laure Griffiths and Menai Caitlin Wilson
3rd Peter pan claire Watson and Torcross back Magic Karen Collins
4th Amber Morgan Parry and Jerry Jet Georgia Baillion
5th Sally Catrin John and Pinkie Niamh Egan
6th wyattes way Becky Wyatt and Lady jayne grey Hayley Wyatt

Junior Novice
1st Jac Lowri Smart
2nd Ronnie Box Ashleigh Jones
3rd Timbuktu Shannon Large
4th call him clive Leah Mawson
5th Beau Bay Ella Jones
6th Queen Ella Jones

Senior Minimus
1st Royal Harlequin Alethea Lloyd
2nd Harvey Katherine Phillips
3rd Ted Lois Jones
4th Oggie Sally Arnold
5th Mrs Doyle Nicola Dymond
6th Mondi Steve Thomas

1st Harvey and Barney Katherine and Jessica
2nd Ronnie boay and marine life Ashleigh and Frances
3rd Ted and Mondi Lois and Steve
4th Jac and Lord Lowri and Helen
5th Beau bay and Queen Lizzie and Ella
6th October diamond and Beau Jile and Justin

1st Harvey Katherine Phillips
2nd Berrymount Pat Sarah Evans
3rd Max Terry James
4th Be my Babe Ellie Jones
5th Shan Cothi Caoi
6th Henrik Gwen Phillips

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